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Welcome to Academy by PatSnap, a free learning hub for innovators. Patents are a rich, yet often overlooked, goldmine of innovation data and Academy empowers you to draw actionable insight from that data. Get started with courses that improve your knowledge of intellectual property (IP) and patent data, so you can lead your organization to its full innovation potential.

Available Topics

  • Understanding patents and their role
  • How to successfully commercialize IP
  • How are patents valued?
  • Getting started with patents
  • The technical and legal framework for patents

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About PatSnap

PatSnap helps you answer the hardest questions encountered throughout the innovation life cycle—from creating new inventions to commercialising them.

Access and analyse, in one place, all the information typically consulted by R&D and intellectual property teams—including 120+ million patents, scientific journals, litigation data, as well as company technology and financial profiles.

Our deep learning algorithms find and visualise patterns across billions of data points, so you get game-changing insights in the blink of an eye.

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