Patent and IP Basics

Getting started with patents


Patents are often integral to protecting your innovations - but where do you start? In this course we join Duncan Clark, Head of PatSnap Academy. The course looks at what the patenting system is for, how the application process works and who’s involved. You will learn what you need to take into account when using patents for innovation research for the first time. This is a foundation level course which requires no previous knowledge and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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  1. Why do Patents Exist and Why should R&D Care?
  2. The Life of a Patent from Application to Expiration
  3. What's in a patent? Structure and Terminology
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Module 1

Why do Patents Exist and Why should R&D Care?

Duration: 0 Minutes


In this module, we take an initial look behind the idea of the patenting system and how it is designed to protect inventors and promote progress. We explore this in the context of the wider intellectual property landscape and why it matters to R&D teams. Duration: 6 and a half minutes

Additional Resources
Where innovators find the answers they seek: A holistic view of Intellectual Property
Do it in PatSnap: What can I do when I view a patent?
Module 2

The Life of a Patent from Application to Expiration

Duration: 0 Minutes


This module investigates the basics of the patent process, some of the routes that can be taken and some of the actors involved. We consider the differences at national and international level and what that means for patent searching and interpreting the results of a patent search and the data that's returned.

Additional Resources
Businesses that own no patents use patent data, so why don't you?
Do it in PatSnap: Use PatSnap to find expired patents
Module 3

What's in a patent? Structure and Terminology

Duration: 0 Minutes


In the final module of this series, we take a deep dive into the patent document itself. What information does it tell us and how can we use this information to refine our searches to find exactly the information we are looking for?

Additional Resources
The Art of the Patent Search: How to create an ideal search (uses nanotechnology as an example)
Do it in PatSnap: Our top tips for getting the most from a search
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