Patent and IP Basics

Intellectual Property and its Role


If you want to learn about IP, this is your starting point. In this course, we explain the basics of all the various types of IP, with an emphasis on how patents fit into this landscape and how it relates to business strategy. We take a look into the types of IP, how they relate to risk, how IP relates to innovation and how IP data can be searched and used.

This unit has 0 Minutes of videos.

Unit Progress

  1. What is IP for?
  2. How Does IP Relate to Risk?
  3. How does IP relate to innovation?
  4. IP searches and data


Module 1

What is IP for?

Duration: 0 Minutes


So what is IP? Video one explores the definition of IP, the different types and how these play a role in your business strategy.

Module 2

How Does IP Relate to Risk?

Duration: 0 Minutes


Now you understand the benefits, so what are the risks? Video two explores IP-related risks and the key considerations you should take.

Module 3

How does IP relate to innovation?

Duration: 0 Minutes


So how does intellectual property contribute towards technological advancements? Video three explores the relationship between IP and innovation.

Module 4

IP searches and data

Duration: 0 Minutes


How can I use IP data as part of my business strategy? Video four takes a look and IP databases and how you can use patent searches to answer key business questions.

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