Intellectual Property and Corporate Strategy

Does IP matter with Open Source Software?


Are you at risk due to open source software? This course is designed for both developers and business managers in all organizations where software (whether proprietary or non-proprietary) is being developed and shipped to customers. Knowledge of coding is not required. By the end of the course (5 videos: Approx. 1 hour), you will be able to evaluate your organization’s exposure to risks posed by Open Source Software and identify procedures and best practice policies that need to be implemented to avoid unknown dangers, infringement risks, fines and bad publicity.

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Unit Progress

  1. Key concepts for intellectual property in software
  2. Getting it wrong with open source
  3. Licensing and the open source philosophy
  4. Licensing and best practices
  5. Getting the software supply chain right
  6. Quiz


Module 1

Key concepts for intellectual property in software

Duration: 0 Minutes


In this module, Paul McAdam, Director of Source Code Control guides us through the key intellectual property concepts and how they relate to software, including patents, copyright, trade secrets and trademarks. By the end of this module, you will be able to identify how copyright relates to software and the various types of licensing in software, determine exactly how open source could enter a codebase – which can be via many different and unexpected routes – and learn what procedures should be in place to protect against open source mismanagement and IP risk.

Additional Resources
Protecting Software – Patent or trade secret?
Module 1 - Transcript
Module 2

Getting it wrong with open source

Duration: 0 Minutes


In this module, we join Paul McAdam once again, to this time consider real business outcomes. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify five major negative outcomes of failing to understand the implications of using open source software and the obligations to be compliant with open source software licences. We’ll use examples from Artifex, Panasonic and Symantec to learn how you can avoid similar mistakes.

Additional Resources
Open Source Software Policy Design
Module 2 - Transcript
Module 3

Licensing and the open source philosophy

Duration: 0 Minutes


In the third module of this series, we learn that ‘free’ in relation to open source software relates to four freedoms, rather than being a reference to cost! By the end of this course, you’ll be in a position to identify and define different types of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) licences, as well as explain the concepts behind General Public Licences (GPL) and the copyleft philosophy. In this video, we also look at some examples that impacted activities by BMW and Jide.

Additional Resources
Are FOSS Components Assets?
Module 3 - Transcript
Module 4

Licensing and best practices

Duration: 0 Minutes


Following on from the previous video, the fourth module in this series investigates best practices for different types of licence. You’ll be able to define concepts such as freeware, shareware, non-commercial licences, public domain and morality licences. After completing this module, you’ll also be able to recognise some of the more obscure types of licence and identify when obligations under licences are triggered.

Additional Resources
GPL compliance – Is it important?
Module 4 - Transcript
Module 5

Getting the software supply chain right

Duration: 0 Minutes


Our fifth video, hosted by Martin Callinan, focuses on pragmatic solutions that enable organizations to get to grips with open source software policies and compliance. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to understand exactly what elements are required for success, from technology and processes through to people. In this video, we explore the example of NHS Digital and discover how they have embraced the responsibilities and ethos of open source software solutions.

Additional Resources
An example of OpenChain used in the UK's NHS (National Health Service)
Module 5 - Transcript
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