Types of IP and Strategy

Copyright, trademarks and design rights


Organizations are not taking an all-inclusive approach to intellectual property - and it's hurting them. In this course we join Hayleigh Bosher, Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at Brunel University London. The course explores what a holistic approach involves, with a focus on copyright, trademarks and design rights, making this a perfect accompaniment to our other courses on trade secrets and patents. This course features lively examples and helpful advice on getting to grips with a holistic IP strategy. This is a beginner level course which requires no previous knowledge and takes about 1 hour to complete.

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Unit Progress

  1. What is IP and why does it matter?
  2. How does copyright work?
  3. Examples of copyright in practice
  4. What are trademarks and how do they work?
  5. What are design rights and how do they work?
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Module 1

What is IP and why does it matter?

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We know that the IP world is wide, vast and varied. To get you started, Hayleigh discusses the core principles of intellectual property, the different sorts that you might interact with and the characteristics and uses of each. In this video, we ask Hayleigh for her insight on how IP drives innovation, the increased acknowledgement of the issues and how organizations can avoid problems.

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Module 2

How does copyright work?

Duration: 0 Minutes


What does a crested macaque and Kim Kardashian have in common? In this video Hayleigh shares her expertise on copyright and takes us through some thought-provoking cases that demonstrate potential impact of disputes. We also learn other fundamentals, such as ownership rules, how to get copyright protection, and what to do if your copyright is infringed.

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Module 2 - Transcript
Module 3

Examples of copyright in practice

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Owning an idea may seem abstract, but protecting them is crucially important and can be done in a number of ways using copyright. What do these methods actually look like in practice? In this lesson, Hayleigh uses familiar examples of protective copyright to explain how to safeguard your intellectual property. In addition, Hayleigh will discuss the different kinds of infringement and what happens to those who break the law.

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Module 3 - Transcript
Module 4

What are trademarks and how do they work?

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In our day to day we are constantly encountering trademarks. From the McDonald’s “M” to Google’s now verbalized brand name, trademarks are everywhere. But what exactly is a trademark and what does it do for the creator? In this video, Hayleigh covers the importance of these assets, how to attain one, how disputes are solved and puts to rest some common misconceptions.

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Module 4 - Transcript
Module 5

What are design rights and how do they work?

Duration: 0 Minutes


Design rights are probably one of the more confusing types of intellectual property, but they should not be ignored. Would you recognize Coca-Cola’s iconic bottle shape if it was unprotected all these years? In this final part, Hayleigh illustrates the ins and outs of design rights and their importance for protecting an innovation’s visual aesthetic. And finally, what can we learn from other legal cases involving design rights?

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The Dyson Ltd v Vax Ltd case
Module 5 - Transcript
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