Course curriculum

    1. Why Should Patents Be Valued?

    2. What Methods Are Used For Valuing Patents

    3. How to Use Valuation for Buying, Selling or Cross Licensing Products

    4. How to use valuation for seeking funding

    5. How to use valuation for benchmarking and risk assessment

    6. Use valuation to maximise ROI on IP

    7. Patent Valuation

    1. What's needed for successful commercialisation

    2. How to develop a marketing strategy

    3. How are patents valued part 1

    4. How are patents valued part 2

    5. How can we use innovation data to improve R&D success

    6. Commercializing IP

    1. Making a search query more accurate

    2. Using PatSnap for field search

    3. Introduction to searching patents

    4. Introduction to Boolean search

    5. Refining a search using related data

    6. Narrowing your search for analysis

    1. What data should we look for

    2. Where does innovation come from?

    3. How to identify and build valuable technologies

    4. Why should R&D care about patents?

    5. How to build an IP landscape

    6. Finding similar IP

    7. Understanding Patents and Their Role

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