Course curriculum

    1. Why do Patents Exist and Why should R&D Care?

    2. The Life of a Patent from Application to Expiration

    3. What's in a patent? Structure and Terminology

    4. Patents: An Introduction

    1. What types of patent are there?

    2. What do patent numbers mean?

    3. What are the legal statuses of patents?

    4. What is a patent family?

    5. What are the patent classification systems?

    6. How do you tell who owns a patent?

    7. Technical and Legal Framework

    1. What is freedom to operate?

    2. What are the objectives of FTO analysis?

    3. What conclusions are drawn from FTO analysis?

    4. How to develop an FTO strategy

    5. Where to go for information

    1. What is IP for?

    2. How Does IP Relate to Risk?

    3. How does IP relate to innovation?

    4. IP searches and data

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