Course curriculum

    1. What are typical IP related risks?

    2. What should an IP risk management process look like?

    3. What solutions are there to mitigate IP risk?

    4. What is an IP risk register?

    5. How can IP risks be visualized?

    6. The psychology of IP risk management

    7. IP Risk and Management

    1. Key concepts for intellectual property in software

    2. Getting it wrong with open source

    3. Licensing and the open source philosophy

    4. Licensing and best practices

    5. Getting the software supply chain right

    1. What is a trade secret? Part 1

    2. What is a trade secret? Part 2

    3. Trade secret theft and incidents

    4. Trade secret asset management

    5. What is trade secret metadata?

    6. Trade secrets and tax: what do you need to know?

    1. What is IP and why does it matter?

    2. How does copyright work?

    3. Examples of copyright in practice

    4. What are trademarks and how do they work?

    5. What are design rights and how do they work?

    1. What is the state of intellectual property in China?

    2. What is the legal framework in China?

    3. How should a non-domestic organization approach IP strategy in China?

    4. What are best practices for working with partners in China?

    5. What institutions or bodies can help with IPR in China?

    1. Defining a framework for entrepreneurial success

    2. How do you determine the commercial viability of an idea?

    3. What are the preliminary IP considerations?

    4. What’s the process for reviewing IP decisions and their implications?

    5. How do you start promoting your business?

    6. How to grow a start-up team

    7. Summary

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